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Affordable Massage Rates

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Medical Massage Clinic LLC in Columbus, Ohio, offers inexpensive massage rates. Her clinic accepts cash, check payments, and gift certificates. Don't forget to sign up early since there are a limited number of appointments each month. You are required to remove your shoes and nothing else. Winnie looks forward to meeting you soon.

Rate Chart


• 60 minutes
• 90 minutes


• $85.00
• $120.00

Sales Tax

• $6.38
• $9.00


• $91.38
• $129.00

Sales taxes are deducted if clients can provide the clinic with Physician’s Order Form or Prescription, which can be downloaded from her site. A 24-hour cancellation ahead of the client’s scheduled appointment is required to avoid charges.

Contact her in Columbus, Ohio, for more information on her budget-friendly massage rates.